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Swadha Hospital strives to ensure the provision of speedy X-ray tests, flexible appointments, and timely results delivery that is within clinical guidelines. You can choose a private x-ray near me appointment for quick access to our diagnostic services. 

To save patients time, we have fully qualified and accredited X-ray technologists who work 24/7. We are equipped with the latest digital X-ray suites, enabling us to take high-quality medical pictures of joints, bones, and spines. This state-of-the-art form enables our specialists in radiology to identify the shadowed cause of health issues.

Our radiologists understand how much it means for a patient to go through such procedures. By up-to-date standard methods, the lowest feasible radiation amount is utilized by our radiologist during their tests. Besides, our radiologist knows how to control their X-ray beams tightly. So, the patient gets minimal radiation exposure in unnecessary body parts that don’t need screening.

Our X-Ray Facilities:
  • 24/7 X-ray facility for ease of patients 
  • Modern digital X-ray unit
  • X-Rays are given on the same day
  • The results of x-rays will be given after 24 hours
  • Appointments are made available to get X-ray reports reviewed on a priority basis.
  • Reports built through meticulous radiologist’s examination


What is an X-ray?

X-rays are medical photos taken using electromagnetic waves or radiations, which are quick and painless procedures that involve capturing a number of views of the internal parts of the body, particularly bones. Amongst its most beneficial utilities is for visualizing bones; hence, X-ray exams are highly efficacious. It can be used to diagnose numerous ailments like fractures, infections, arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth infection and decay; lung infection and bone or breast cancer among several other diseases as well as abnormalities in the digestive tract.

The most common type of this examination is a chest X-ray, which is usually taken from the back to the front in search of various maladies that may not be easily seen during routine physical examinations. This check-up gives a view of the chest cavity including heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles beneath lungs.

At Swadha Hospital, we understand the importance of accurate diagnostic services for any disease or health problem; hence we provide non-invasive X-ray services for complete care with a human touch. It involves an all-inclusive discussion between a qualified medical practitioner and patient helpful in identifying hidden diseases.

We have modern facilities and diagnostic equipment that help us make correct diagnosis as well as treatment. Irrespective of where you live or how old you are, there are branches throughout the country, and you can rest assured that Swadha Hospital will always be by your side.

Our popular X-ray Services 
  • Digital x-ray: These are the most common x-rays which show bones and joints in great detail, and rapidly. They can be used to make different types of examinations like chest x-ray for lung conditions, bone x-ray in case of fractures or dental x-rays when you are having problems with teeth or jaw.
  • Fluoroscopy: Through this special way of capturing an X-ray, doctors can see what is happening inside your body as it happens. It help’s look into joint motion, swallowing capacity and some medical procedures that may include catheter insertion.
  • Contrast-enhanced X-rays: To better look at specific organs or blood vessels, we might put a contrast agent (a special dye) into your body before an X-ray. Kidneys, blood vessels, and digestive systems may be examined using this method.
  • Mobile X-ray: Our portable X-ray machine can come to you if you can no longer move around your house, so imaging is convenient.
  • Pediatric X-rays: The team performs gentle and efficient services to children to achieve low-xray dosages and child-friendly explanations during the process.


Why Choose Swadha Hospital for Your X-Ray Needs?
  • Cutting-edge technology: We use progressive digital X-ray machines for faster, more detailed images with minimal radiation exposure. 
  • Expert radiologists: Our experienced team analyzes your X-rays precisely, guaranteeing dependable diagnosis and effective communication.
  • Comfort and convenience: We assure you that we are committed to your comfort and friendliness from our staff and mobile X-ray services for those who require them.
  • Diverse services: we have a wide range of X-ray services to suit you from routine bone X-rays to specific fluoroscopy and contrast-enhanced studies.
  • Focus on children: Our pediatric x-ray services are gentle, efficient, and low-dose radiation ones, thereby ensuring your child has all positive experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Covering a wide range of X-ray services, our offerings include digital X-rays, fluoroscopy, contrast-enhanced X-rays, mobile X-rays, and pediatric X-rays. With the assistance of our team and adequate facilities, we can handle simple chest X-rays or other specialized examinations.

Most digital X-ray results are available within minutes, while some more advanced studies may take slightly longer. Our x-ray doctor in etawahprioritizes timely reporting to ensure prompt delivery of your results.

Yes, our technicians employ contemporary low-dose radiation X-ray machines. We use strict safety protocols to minimize patient exposure while maintaining image quality.

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