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Swadha Hospital has gastroenterology providers available all over the region. Our team has many years of special training in gastroenterology and also added training in endoscopy.

We are dedicated to delivering individualized care to people with any gastrointestinal disorder. Anyone who wishes to start a relationship with one of our providers should contact our scheduling staff anytime within 24 hours of the day.

What is gastroenterology?

Gastroenterology, a branch of medicine dealing with the digestive system, includes the organs from the mouth to the anus (including the esophagus, stomach, small intestines, and large intestines, which are known as the colon), liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.

Gastroenterologists have expertise in diagnosing and treating different gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers, acid reflux disease, cirrhosis of the liver, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis, among others. They can use varying modalities for diagnosis, including endoscopy and colonoscopy, administration of medications, or other treatment options that may be necessary, like surgery.

Our Most Commonly Performed Gastroenterology Treatments & Services

We enjoy providing a broad spectrum of gastroenterology treatments and services that address digestive health issues. A team of experienced gastroenterologists, nurses, and support staff are dedicated to giving quality care and individualized treatment plans for every patient. Here are some of the most common gastroenterology treatments and services performed at Swadha Hospital.

Endoscopy Procedures

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure allowing our professionals to access the gastrointestinal tract using a flexible tube connected to a camera (endoscope). There are different types of endoscopic procedures offered at Swadha Hospital, as listed below:

  • Upper GI endoscopy- examine esophagus, stomach & duodenum
  • Colonoscopy- evaluate colon & rectum for abnormal growths such as polyps or inflammation.
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy– diagnose disease in the lower part of the colon (sigmoid colon).
  • ERCP, or Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography– is used when conditions affecting the pancreas and bile ducts need diagnosis or treatment.


Gastrointestinal Motility Testing

We provide diagnostic tests that assess motility and functioning of the digestive tract. They are useful for diagnosing such conditions as GERD, gastroparesis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Treatment Of Gerd

GERD is a common condition in which acid reflux and heartburn occur. Our gastroenterologists provide medical therapy, lifestyle changes, and surgeries such as fundoplication when necessary for symptom relief and prevention of complications.

Management Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Swadha Hospital offers a range of treatments for patients with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. We use medications to control symptoms, dietary interventions, etc, to improve patient care standards.

Liver Disease Management

Our liver doctors diagnose and treat various liver conditions such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. The treatment may involve drugs, lifestyle changes, or, in severe cases, even a transplant.

Why choose us for gastroenterology?
  • Expertise: Swadha Hospital has many qualified gastroenterologists who ensure patients receive the best care. This is a hospital known for its expertise in diagnosing and treating various gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Advanced Technology: Swadha Hospital boasts advanced technology that provides cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for accurate diagnosis of diseases as well as less invasive treatment options, thereby improving patient outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Care: For holistic care, Swadha Hospital offers comprehensive gastroenterology services ranging from regular checkups to complex surgical interventions for all patients.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: Swadha Hospital is the place where patients are given priority. Compassionate employees of this hospital focus on patients’ satisfaction, reception, and care, which helps to establish a supportive environment for them throughout their treatment. 
  • Multidisciplinary Team: For anyone with gastrointestinal problems at Swadha Hospital, there’s an integrated gastroenterology team consisting of experts in different subspecialties who provide comprehensive and personalized treatment plans and management of other associated medical conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Stomach problems which Swadha Hospital is known for include heartburn, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), peptic ulcer, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and gastrointestinal malignancies such as stomach and intestine cancers.

Diagnostic procedures offered by gastrologist doctor in etawah include endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), imaging techniques (CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound), laboratory tests (hepatic function tests or pancreatic enzymes, etc.), and special tests like H. pylori test or celiac panel.

To make patients comfortable, Swadha Hospital ensures that it offers a series of options for sedation, clearly communicates about the procedure and its expectations, provides guidance for pre-procedure preparation as well and creates a supportive and caring environment throughout.

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