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Swadha Hospital is the most trusted name in the medical industry. We are a place to run to when you are not feeling well. Here, you will find highly qualified doctors who give detailed explanations, cheerful nurses with smiles brighter than the sun, and rooms cleaner than a whistle!

Scared of the cost? Swadha Hospital understands. We believe that healthcare should be affordable; thus, we offer cheap treatments, clear prices, and no hidden charges. There are no unpleasant surprises, just fair treatment at fair prices.

If you have a nagging cough or a sprained ankle or require a basic check-up, Swadha Hospital can help. We possess all the modern facilities and expertise to handle any health-related issue, major or minor. Besides, we treat you like our relative so you feel free and safe every moment.

Therefore, when you want to escape from stress, call Swadha Hospital. We are the preferred facility for Etawah & beyond residents who need excellent care, friendly staff, and a sense of calm. Remember: Swadha Hospital; your health is our priority, and the smiles come after!