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Swadha Hospital has gained popularity for its wide range of Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) that are unparalleled in caring for infants’ health and wellness. Our NICU is updated with modern technology, protecting infants requiring special care. 

We fully recognize the specific obstacles experienced by newborns; thus, our committed specialists in neonatal therapy, along with other medical professionals, strive to deliver first-rate services. We have a wide variety of neonate conditions that include those born prematurely or having congenital disorders so that every child may be attended to and treated individually.

Swadha Hospital is dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for your baby’s health, making it the go-to hospital for families looking for good neonatal care. By choosing NICU at Swadha Hospital, you are putting your precious infant into the hands of professionals who combine expertise with compassion and state-of-the-art technology.

What is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)?

NICUs are dedicated to the care of newborn babies that are sick or have been born before the completion of full-term pregnancy, which is 37 weeks. NICU does best for your baby using advanced technology and a specialized team of medical professionals. 

The level of NICU care depends on how ill your baby is at birth. While most hospitals provide NICU services, not all may be equipped to take care of your baby’s medical needs, so your doctor might recommend you transfer them to a higher-level facility.

What are the different levels of the neonatal intensive Care Unit?

In neonatal Intensive Care Units, preterm birth and other conditions that arise from the womb are taken care of to serve as a means for saving the lives of infants who have serious health challenges. Four types of neonatal intensive care exist these are; 

Level 1 NICU- Level 1 NICU is similar to the newborn nursery, where very preterm babies born before 37 weeks gestation receive basic care such as routine care and proper examination and assessment to rule out risks of future complications, which otherwise would be possible in healthy babies.

Level 2 or Advanced Care – Special care nurseries such as Level 2 or Advanced Care are for preterm infants born between 32- and 35-weeks gestation, and who have mild to moderate health problems due to their prematurity. In addition, Level 2 NICU focuses on term infants at risk of specific non-specialized health complications. 

Level 3 or Specialized care – These units are highly specialized in the management of particular illnesses in babies who were born prematurely before the gestational age of thirty-two weeks, some requiring surgeries

Level 4 or Highest level of care – The unit provides highly advanced services to terminally ill newborns, whether they are preterm or not. Such diseases may include deformities that could be life-threatening or even syndromes.

Why Choose Us for NICU?
  • Swadha Hospital has an exceptional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) headed by experienced neonatologists who ensure top-notch medical services to critically ill newborns. 
  • Our NICU is fitted with high-tech medical equipment that creates a safe and modern setting where monitoring and managing various conditions among neo-nates can be done accurately.
  • We aim to consider neonates as a legal person and not only their health concerns. This involves also counseling parents and educating them while promoting team work.
  • We value involvement of family members since we understand that there should be an open channel for communication between medical professionals and parents. Such an approach guarantees flawless collaboration in regards to infant care and welfare.
  • There have been cases when Swadha Hospital was able to handle different types of neonatal conditions such as premature birth, congenital malformations thus the hospital is known for NICU services by families who want best for their children.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

Breast milk is given to infants who come into the NICU. Swadha hospital keeps a separate human milk bank that enables safe breastfeeding for these babies.

We promote family involvement through an inclusive atmosphere where all pediatricians and parents work together. In order to support our family focused approach, we engage them through updates, consultancies, education and other means.

Little ones are cared for by a dedicated group of expert neonatologists and specialized nurses at the NICU

The Specialized Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU) within Swadha hospital provides comprehensive neonatal care including advanced medical interventions, monitoring and treatment of conditions like pre term birth and congenital disorders.

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