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SICU is a specialty in intensive care, concerned with managing and treating patients severely or critically ill after surgery. SICU normally admits patients as a precaution so they may not become worse off.

There are times during surgical intensive care when blood pressure needs to be stabilized, or breathing, kidney function, heart rhythm, or other organs need support. At Swadha Hospital, we have an advanced 24/7 SICU for unstable and unpredictable pregnant women. We include critical care experts in maternal-fetal medicine who can manage complicated deliveries.

Our doctors take care to stabilize her health at Swadha Hospital- best sicu hospital in etawah before moving her to the nearest Swadha hospital in case a mother’s condition requires more intensive care monitoring. Our transfer procedures are strong, ensuring our patients experience minimal disruptions. Our ambulances also have monitoring and ventilator support to guarantee the safety of patients. In Swadha Hospital, priority is given to those who seek admission. 

We understand that it can be disturbing when your loved one needs medical attention from a SICU at Swadha Hospital. That is why we have a 24-hour policy every week to ensure you get quality medical services whenever needed.

How do SICU doctors help us? 

 Versatile Knowledge: The SICU medics have expert critical care knowledge and can address multifaceted situations where patients need to be observed. 

  • Continuous Monitoring: They keep a close watch over their patients’ vital signs and can intervene if there is a deterioration in their health.
  • Quick Decision-making: Each episode involves brief action based on the right evidence that would mean saving lives, even for a patient who could die.
  • Coordination of Care: These experts play as teams’ captains and thus partner with other members, such as surgeons or nurses, to deliver excellent services.
  • Patient Advocacy: They advocate for patients by considering their requirements and preferences to give individualized care and support while they heal.


Treatments we provide Under SICU

Swadha Hospital’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is highly advanced and offers all-rounded care to post-surgery, traumatic, or severely ill patients. A team of multidisciplinary experts on board include critical care physicians, surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists that work together to develop customized treatment plans for each patient.

Postoperative Care

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) provides crucial management right after operation. The staff at our disposal observes vital signs and delivers pain relievers plus appropriate wound dressing for quick healing without complications.

Respiratory Support

Specific respiratory therapy tailored for patients with respiratory failure or diminished lung capacity is available at SICU. These interventions comprise mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, or other approaches to improve pulmonary function.

Hemodynamic Management

Our SICU provides sophisticated hemodynamic monitoring and management for patients with unstable blood pressure and problems related to their hearts. Our crew uses the latest technology to optimize tissue perfusion and cardiac output.

Infection Control

Recovery can be very much affected by an infection, especially in patients who are critically ill. Infections are always on the lookout from SICU staff and efforts to prevent and control them include strict hand hygiene and appropriate antibiotics.

Nutritional Support

Good nutrition is important for recovery from illness or injury. Patients in the SICU receive individualized nutritional support, which may include enteral or parenteral feeding that aligns with their unique dietary needs.

Pain Management

Proper pain management helps ensure patient comfort and prompt recovery. They relieve pain using pharmacological approaches, nerve blockades, etc.


SICU patients usually require therapy to recover their strength and abilities after the sickness or surgery. We work with rehab specialists to create custom-made programs to maximize recovery and regain independence.

Psychological Support

Critical illness often affects individuals’ mental well-being. Our ICU nursing staff provides empathy counseling services for clients undergoing stressful situations during the period of healing.

Why Swadha Hospital for SICU care?


  • Veteran Specialists: Swadha Hospital- best sicu hospital near me is equipped with a team of very experienced critical care specialists who are highly skilled in SICU. 
  • Modern Equipment: In our SICU, we have invested in high-tech medical equipment and infrastructure to ensure quality patient care.
  • Holistic Approach: We work as a team comprising surgeons, nurses, therapists, and other professionals in the quest for comprehensive management for all patients on our hands.
  • Patient-Focused Service: At Swadha Hospital, patient convenience, safety, and satisfaction are key to providing an enabling environment for recovery.
  • Quality Assurance and Safety Measures: We follow strict quality and safety standards that must always be observed to maintain high infection control standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

We have special visiting periods that foster a supportive environment by allowing family involvement in patient care.

We undertake strict measures to prevent infections, such as frequent cleaning, hand hygiene protocols, and surveillance for hospital-associated infections.

Our intensive care unit has up-to-date medical equipment, cozy patient rooms, and safe places where relatives can relax.

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